Man in nature holds face in both hands, head tilted back. Twilight, sunset.

Corona — athletes only have patience

If you expose your body to the training load again too soon, you risk lasting damage. This also applies to competitive athletes. Soccer players have a particularly difficult time. Actually, Jens Wagener only had a moderate course. The 52-year-old did...

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plate of food

Delicious food despite long Covid

Do you feel persistent exhaustion since a corona infection? Your appetite or taste is reduced? Do you find shopping and cooking difficult? We have invigorating, flavorful food made from fresh, local ingredients. Compiled and prepared by professionals. Combine exciting, invigorating...

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Two people in biological protective clothing go down a flight of stairs.

Long-Covid — risk decreases

The Long-Covid-Syndrome with its diverse symptoms occurs during or after a COVID-19 infection, sometimes twelve weeks later. The occurrence is also characteristic after a mild or moderate progression and/or a phase of interim improvement. Shifting and overlapping clusters of symptoms...

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Food box from between green vegetables on a wooden background.

Eating healthy in the was created to provide people with health restrictions with a fresh, tasty and balanced diet that takes their special needs into account. The medimentum health portals deal in detail with prevention and therapy in specialized medical fields. In the...

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Red lettering in capital letters "Special Offer"

Care Special

At medimentum, we are watching with concern the deteriorating situation in the care sector, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to make a small contribution and at the same time give our customers the opportunity to become familiar with...

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Hand in latex glove with COVID-19 vaccine and syringe. Article picture for the Charité campaign #Impfenschützt, regarding the 4th corona wave.

Together against Corona. #Impfenschützt The Charité is in the middle of the fourth wave of the pandemic: The number of corona infections is increasing and with it the number of COVID-19 sufferers. In order to make the public aware of the overloading of...

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