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Care Special

At medi­men­tum, we are watching with con­cern the dete­rio­ra­ting situa­ti­on in the care sec­tor, exa­cer­ba­ted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In order to make a small con­tri­bu­ti­on and at the same time give our cus­to­mers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to beco­me fami­li­ar with the advan­ta­ges of our ser­vice, we are now offe­ring a care spe­cial.

Until April 2022, care pro­vi­ders can use the job exchan­ge on our web­sites “Coro­na­vi­rus­world” and “World of Carefree of char­ge to recruit caregivers!

Make use of our Care Spe­cial right away and con­ta­ct us at:

Tog­e­ther against the nur­sing emergency!

Your medi­men­tum team

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